CONTENT AMERICAS AGENDA  (All sessions feature live Spanish-English and English-Spanish translation)
The Content Americas conference agenda will run from 9am on Tuesday 24 January 2023 to 4pm on 26 Thursday 2023. 

The main focus of the agenda is a series of keynotes and one-on-one interviews with key executives, buyers, commissioners, platforms and financiers about their plans for 2023 and beyond. There are also a number of panel sessions and sponsored sessions. They are run in the same conference room at the Hilton Miami Downtown. Please check back. Sessions being added and updated constantly.

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    Registration opens at noon

  • MONDAY JAN 23: 6:00pm-7:00pm


    Welcome Cocktail: Poolside

  • TUESDAY JAN 24: 9:00am-10:00am


    Content Trends 2023

    A panel of leading data experts discuss the shows, trends, and genres that have defined 2022 and look ahead to the key drivers for change in 2023 in this opening session that sets the agenda for this year’s event.

    Moderator: David Jenkinson, editor-in-chief and managing director, C21Media
    English translated into Spanish

    Adam Cunningham
    Chief strategy officer
    Allied Global Marketing

    Horacio Gennari
    Founder & board member
    BB Media

    Maria Rua Aguete
    Senior Director

    Alejandro Rojas
    VP of applied analytics
    Parrot Analytics

    Guy Bisson
    Executive director & co-founder
    Ampere Analysis
  • TUESDAY JAN 24: 10:00am-


    Opening remarks

    Bruce Orosz
    Chairman of the board
    Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau

    Marco Giron
    Miami-Dade film commissioner
    Miami-Dade County
  • TUESDAY JAN 24: 10:00am-10:45am


    Pierluigi Gazzolo
    CEO, Vix, TelevisaUnivision

    In this keynote interview Pierluigi Gazzolo will outline his vision for the transformation of TelevisaUnivision, delving into the opportunity for Spanish-speaking content and the expansion of ViX+, which has been created to become the largest Spanish-language subscription streaming service in the world.

    Moderator: Jordan Pinto, North American editor, C21Media
    English translated into Spanish
  • TUESDAY JAN 24: 10:45am-11:45am


    Commissioning Streaming Trends

    Key commissioners and producers from Spanish-speaking markets discuss the content trends that are going to define 2023 and how this is impacting their content strategies. What are they looking for, who do they want to work with and what are the new challenges and opportunities ahead.

    Moderator: Pina Mezzera, co-editor of Cveintiuno, C21Media
    Spanish translated into English

    Juan Ponce
    SVP & general manager, Telemundo Streaming Studios
    NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises

    Domingo Corral
    Director of original programming
    Movistar Plus+

    Rodrigo Mazon
    Chief content officer
  • TUESDAY JAN 24: 1:00pm-3:00pm


    Warner Music’s new show “MELODY” - live showcase and hosted luncheon

    Warner Music Entertainment, Warner Chappell Music, Warner Music Latina, and Trinity Entertainment present Melody, a Spanish language, young adult musical series, premiering on Amazon Prime in early 2023. The showcase session will feature an up close look at the series, live musical performance by Warner Latina artists and Melody stars, Yas Gagliardi and Sarah Lenore, plus a hosted luncheon. Show sponsor Gibson Guitars will also award two Gibson guitars originally signed by Yas and Sarah.

    Yas Gagliardi
    Lead actress

    Sarah Lenore
    Co-star & co-creator

    Jose Luis Pagan
    Creator & producer

    Gustavo Menendez
    President U.S. Latin & Latin America

    Alejandro Duque
    Warner Music Latin America
  • TUESDAY JAN 24: 3:00pm-3:45pm


    Ben Silverman
    Co-CEO, Propagate Content

    As opportunities in the Lat-Am space grow, Silverman will explain how he is creating a new wave of premium Spanish language content through Propagate’s Spanish language branch, Propagate Fuego, which has a first look deal with ViX. Propagate Fuego is producing shows such as Rebelde for Netflix, Pinches Momias with Santiago Limon fo ViX, 90 Minutes for T+, and La Firma with music producer Tainy for Netflix. In this session he will also outline new partnerships he may be looking for.

    Moderator: David Jenkinson, editor-in-chief & managing director, C21Media
    English translated into Spanish
  • TUESDAY JAN 24: 3:45pm-4:30pm


    The Podcast Report

    In the last five years it has been hard to miss the influence of podcasting in culture, from buzzy TV adaptations, with mixed results, to headline grabbing talent deals, people are listening. What does an audio content strategy look like for producers of all kinds?

    Sonoro experienced a 300% increase in its year on year listening and much of that growth is global – two thirds of the world’s estimated 600 million regular podcast listeners are outside of the US. In this session Paul and Josh will discuss their uniquely global approach to the audio world and formats and debate the future of audio content as a mainstream medium.

    Moderator: Paulette Bensussen, founder & president, TDO Media
    English translated into Spanish

    Paul Telegdy
    The Whole Spiel

    Joshua Weinstein
    Co-founder & CEO
    Sonoro Global Media Corp.

    Paulette Bensussen
    Founder & president
    TDO Media
  • TUESDAY JAN 24: 4:30pm-5:15pm


    PODCAST: The business of entertainment beyond a screen

    The economic consolidation of the podcast: Subscription and development of high value IP. Audio as an engine for new narratives and talent.

    Moderator: Gabriel Saez de Buruaga, founder and CEO, Sonora
    English translated into Spanish

    Lucas Mirvois
    Founder & CEO
    La Maldita

    Antonio Garrido Coronado
    Chief content officer

    Gabriel Saez de Buruaga
    Founder & CEO
  • TUESDAY JAN 24: 5:00pm-


    Discover and be amazed by the new TV Content from Spain

    Join us for our exclusive showcase and networking cocktail to cheer the Spanish content coming in 2023. Presented by Gloria Saló, director of content & production consultancy at GECA.

    Brisa bistro terrace (poolside)

  • TUESDAY JAN 24: 6:30pm-7:45pm


    Opening Night Cocktail: Poolside

  • WEDNESDAY JAN 25: 9:30am-10:30am


    LatAm finds its narrative voice

    As the demand for original authentic content continues to grow we hear from leading writers, creators and showrunners about how LatAm is finding it’s new creative voice in the global market and developing shows that have international appeal and success. We explore how LatAm writers and creators are working with global platforms, how the showrunner model is evolving in the LatAm market, what new opportunities are being created and what new content we can expect to see hitting global screens over the next two years.

    Moderator: John Hopewell, international feature editor, Variety
    Spanish translated into English

    Chascas Valenzuela

    Mauricio Leiva-Cock
    Showrunner, writer, director, executive producer

    Silvana Aguirre
    Co-founder & the head of the development department
    The Immigrant

    Leonardo Padrón
    Writer, film & television scriptwriter, & producer
  • WEDNESDAY JAN 25: 11:15am-12:15pm


    New investment funds in Latin America

    As the Latin American industry continues to evolve and grow globally, new private investment funds are starting to pop up across the region. In this session we hear from some of the key finance, venture capital and content accelerator companies that are leading the way across the LatAm region and find out more about their investment initiatives and opportunities.

    Moderator: Gonzalo Larrea, co-editor of Cveintiuno, C21Media
    Spanish translated into English

    Edgar Spielmann
    Managing partner
    Screen Capital

    Francisco Cordero
    Founder & CEO
    BTF Media

    Angel Zambrano
  • WEDNESDAY JAN 25: 1:00pm-2:00pm


    China Pavilion - Showcase and Small Group Discussion

    A panel of leading experts discussing previous, present, and future trends on content and global distribution and their precious insights into Chinese content.

    Alto Room

    David Jenkinson
    Editor-in-chief & managing director

    Felipe Rey
    Business Development Google TV

    Maria Fernanda Camino
    Programming manager

    Fangzhou Cheng (Terry)
    Director of American office
    Jetsen Huashi Wangju Cultural Media Co., Ltd

    Chun Wang (Mark)
    JSBC Golden Dreams Media & Communications (USA)
  • WEDNESDAY JAN 25: 2:30pm-3:15pm


    Fernando Szew
    CEO, FOX Entertainment Global & MarVista Entertainment

    Fernando Szew was recently named CEO of the newly formed international sales division, Fox Entertainment Global. With Fox’s expansion well underway, Szew will share his global strategic vision and discuss how the Latin American market fits into the company’s current and future plans overseeing the international, multi-platform sales and distribution of intellectual property owned and produced by Fox Entertainment and its growing portfolio of in-house production studios.

    Moderator: Pina Mezzera, co-editor of Cveintiuno, C21Media
    Spanish translated into English
  • WEDNESDAY JAN 25: 3:15pm-4:00pm


    Fernando Medin
    President and managing director, Warner Bros Discovery Latin America/USH

    In his first public appearance at a content business event after the merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery, Fernando Medin outlines his new vision and strategy for the company going forward in Latin America and US Hispanic market.

    Moderator: John Hopewell, international feature editor, Variety
    Spanish translated into English
  • WEDNESDAY JAN 25: 4:00pm-5:00pm


    New Talent Models

    How are some of the most progressive creators and producers developing new models for finding and nurturing new Spanish language talent. As the demand for Spanish language scripted content continues to grow within both the LatAm and global markets, we discuss how different creative models are evolving around talent and hear from the panel more about their approaches to finding, fostering and packaging talent to new projects.

    Moderator: Pina Mezzera, co-editor of Cveintiuno, C21Media
    Spanish translated into English

    Angela Poblete
    Regional TV director

    David Victori
    You Would Do It Too Director, co-producer & co-writer
    Espotlight Media

    Daniel Burman
    Head of content US
    The Mediapro Studio
  • WEDNESDAY JAN 25: 5:00pm-5:30pm


    Ana Bond
    SVP & Managing Director INTL Production LATAM and US Hispanic, Sony Pictures Television Latin America

    As head of the Latin American production arm of Sony Pictures Television, Ana Bond will outline her original productions strategy for LatAm, which includes entertainment, feel-good content and melodrama. We hear more about her plans to capitalise on projects like De brutas, Nada, Ligeramente diva, Reputación dudosa and Rio Connection and what she’s looking for next.

    Moderator: Gonzalo Larrea, co-editor of Cveintiuno, C21Media
    Spanish translated into English
  • WEDNESDAY JAN 25: 5:30pm-6:10pm


    FAST Across the Americas: How Latin Brands Are Migrating to Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV

    This session discusses the growth of Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television, or FAST, models in Latin America and with U.S. Latino populations, and how advertisers and brands are collaborating on models for existing and new streaming audiences. The OTT landscape across the Americas has, until recently, consisted mainly of operator-driven curation of video channels. Now, the FAST revolution has taken hold, and channels are being launched to support existing OTT brands, including SVOD services, to create upsell momentum and brand recognition amongst Spanish, Portuguese and English audiences alike.

    An all-star panel of producers and distributors discuss the benefits of FAST for the growing LATAM region.

    Moderator: Chris Pfaff, CEO, Chris Pfaff TechMedia LLC
    English translated into Spanish

    Anthony Kelly
    Digital Media Distribution Limited

    Jonathan French
    SVP sales & business development
    FASTHub by MuxIP

    Jorge Balleste
    VP, content partnerships & acquisitions
    Vix/Vix+ TelevisaUnivision

    Jasmin Rezai
    VP of distribution

    Chris Pfaff
    Chris Pfaff TechMedia LLC
  • THURSDAY JAN 26: 9:30am-10:30am


    International coproduction trends and investment

    What are the major distributors looking to invest in for 2023 and beyond and what type of partnerships are being forged between the Lat Am and US market?

    Moderator: Jonathan Webdale, editor of, C21Media
    English translated into Spanish

    Sheila Hall Aguirre
    EVP, co-productions & distribution, LatAm & Hispanic US

    Christian Gabela
    SVP, Head & Executive Producer for SPLATAM & US Hispanic.

    Javier Méndez
    Head of film & co head of TV content
    The Mediapro Studio

    Sergio Pizzolante
    Secuoya Studios Commercial & Distribution

    Angela Colla
    Head of international business & co-productions
  • THURSDAY JAN 26: 10:30am-11:15am


    The year of AVOD

    Leading AVOD commissioners and executives from Latin American and US Hispanic companies share the opportunities ahead for ad-supported streaming, alongside the challenges expected with the addition of new heavy-weight competitors such as Netflix and Disney.

    Moderator: Felipe Rey, business development Google TV, Google
    Spanish translated into English

    Luiz Felipe Barros
    Corporate VP of loyalty & entertainment
    Mercado Libre

    Felipe Osorio
    Vice president of Canela Sports
    Canela Media

    Cristian Liarte
    VP of original content
    Rakuten TV

    Felipe Rey
    Business Development Google TV
  • THURSDAY JAN 26: 11:30am-12:15pm


    The Future of Content is not in English?

    Leading international producers and studio executives discuss the growing opportunities for non English language content and what this means for the future of the business. We hear more about their non English language strategies and dive into their plans to develop and create more international content for global platforms.

    Moderator: Jordan Pinto, North American editor, C21Media
    English translated into Spanish

    Erik Barmack
    Founder and CEO
    Wild Sheep Content

    Ana Langenberg
    SVP format sales and production
    NBCUniversal International Formats 

    Ran Tellem
    Head of international development
    The Mediapro Studio
  • THURSDAY JAN 26: 12:30pm-1:15pm


    Karen Barroeta
    Executive vice president of production and development, Telemundo Global Studios, NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises

    In this one-on-one conversation Karen Barroeta will discuss her content strategy including upcoming projects, development and co production opportunities.  She will also talk to the renaissance of melodrama as a key Latin American genre and what Hispanic audiences are looking for.

    Moderator: Nicolás Smirnoff, director, Prensario
    Spanish translated into English
  • THURSDAY JAN 26: 3:00pm-3:45pm


    Alejandro Rojas
    VP of applied analytics, Parrot Analytics

    Understanding and measuring the value of your content

    Alejandro Rojas presents Parrot Analytics’ new Content Valuation measurement system, which helps understand how demand for a title translates to monetization for content suppliers and buyers and determines the valuation of any title for any platform or distribution avenue, providing further monetization opportunities.

    Moderator: Gonzalo Larrea, co-editor of Cveintiuno, C21Media
    Spanish translated into English
  • THURSDAY JAN 26: 3:45pm-4:30pm


    Eduardo Lebrija
    EVP, regional leader & chief commercial officer LATAM, Paramount

    Leading executive for Paramount in Latin America, Eduardo Lebrija will discuss the new commercial opportunities in the content industry across the LatAm region.

    Moderator: Richard Izarra, founder and CEO, Produ
    Spanish translated into English
  • THURSDAY JAN 26: 4:30pm-6:30pm


    Content Americas Closing Cocktail: Poolside

Content Americas will take place over three days between January 24 and 26. Set up day is Monday January 23.

Monday 23 January 2023 Set-up.
Registration open from 12 noon.

Tuesday 24 January 2023
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Wednesday 25 January 2023 Full market day
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Thursday 26 January 2023 Full market day
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