20-23 January 2025

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Hilton Miami Downtown

Francisco Cordero
Founder and CEO
BTF Media

Cordero is a founding partner and CEO of BTF Media, a production company of audiovisual content with an unconventional and original vision, who rapidly became an agent of change within the industry. BTF Media is comprised by a team of creators, directors and producers who generate tailored audio-visual content with an unconventional and original vision, in response to the demands of a changing market. The company constantly pursues high quality standards and innovative processes in order to accomplish better and more efficient results, towards the interest of its clients and business partners. As CEO of BTF Media, Cordero oversees the essential business functions, and the operations of the management team as well as the projects, participating in every step of the process from incubation to distribution, from general to executive production. Born in Mexico, Cordero specialized in business administration focusing on identifying opportunities, planning, training and executing strategies that translate into a success for the company. As a veteran producer and business entrepreneur, Cordero also possesses extensive knowledge in the areas of administration and finance, marketing and sales, public relations, optimization and human resources. Cordero lives in Miami where he manages the headquarters. The company operates production offices in Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Spain.

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